Through Public Inquiries and Online Micro Classes, Boyalife Fully Supports Pandemic Prevention and Control and Cares for the Health of Mothers and Children

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To effectively curb the spreading pandemic, everyone has to work together, and any and all industries and sectors have to innovate in tandem. Recently, the National Health Commission has issued a “Notification on Covid-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control among Children, and Pregnant, Primiparous, and Multiparous Women”, which mentions that “children, and pregnant, primiparous, and multiparous women are vulnerable to the Covid-19 pandemic”. In the face of the pandemic, Boyalife Stem Cell quickly launched a first-level response by organizing and mobilizing any and all possible resources to contribute to the health of thousands of mothers, mothers-to-be, and families.

Customized inquiry platform launched for obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and psychology

When Covid-19 was still occurring at a high rate, to improve pandemic prevention and control and ease treatment pressures and cross infection risks in hospitals, Boyalife launched a customized inquiry platform for obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and psychology disciplines that remained online for 24 hours and received an inquiry in 30 seconds. Mothers and mothers-to-be can have a personal online session with specialized doctors via the Ask the Doctors option in the menu of Boyalife Infant & Mom and Boyalife Stem Cell public accounts.

Xiaoya Micro Class public-benefit classes on lessening risk of infection during pregnancy

To assume its corporate social responsibility, ease the burden on medical workers at the front lines and care for mothers-to-be who are already under undue stress, Boyalife Stem Cell invited authorities in obstetrics and gynecology from top-tier hospitals to offer free online classes for pregnant women during the pandemic and provide them with online services during long-term self-isolation at home to lessen their risk of infection while defending against the Coronavirus.

Boyalife Stem Cell and Parenting public-benefit program invited thousands of renowned doctors to answer questions

Recently, Boyalife Stem Cell has worked with a parenting program to launch an online free inquiry platform and offered free online diagnosis and treatment services for related diseases during the pandemic for 24 hours to bring warmth and care to users and patients.

Boyalife Stem Cell and 101 invite infant & motherhood experts to offer help online

It has always been a tenet of Boyalife Stem Cell to protect the health of pregnant women and their children. Recently, Boyalife Stem Cell has worked with 101, a major inquiry platform for obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics, to launch a free online inquiry program with the theme Our Actions in the Battle against the Pandemic.

Hundreds of medical workers from pediatric departments from top-tier hospitals were invited to provide professional medial diagnoses and suggestions for users to protect pregnant women and children and avoid cross infections caused by in-person inquiries.

On the front lines against the pandemic, our medical workers are safeguarding the health of all people. Boyalife Stem Cell has mobilized all possible resources and worked with each party to bolster their defenses. Doctors and experts are guarding the health of mothers-to-be and their babies. We will unite to fight against the pandemic and win the battle.