Boyalife Group attended the 2021 Cell Industry Convention, and the PXP® system was concerned and recognized

2021-05-10T07:10:30-07:00 5月 10, 2021|

From April 23 to 24, 2021 Cell Industry Conference and the sixth (Shanghai) cell and tumor precision Medicine Summit Forum were grandly opened in Shanghai Exhibition Center. Dou Xizhao, President of National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, Liu Baochi, President of cell therapy industry and clinical research branch of National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, and Yuan Baozhu, former director of cell resource preservation and research center of CFDA, attended the meeting to discuss the frontier issues of cell industry development with other industry management experts, clinical experts and business experts. At the meeting, Boyalife exhibited its Point-of-Care system PXP® and received extensive attention and recognition.

The exhibition aims to promote the development of stem cells and regenerative medicine, and drive the exchange and cooperation of stem cell research. Industry experts and top cytologists in various fields were invited to give presentations on the conference, covering the research and application of stem cells, the development of oncolytic virus drugs, industrial transformation, research and development of cellular immunotherapy and gene therapy, technology and clinical application, the development, clinical research and treatment progress of biological innovative drugs.

Liu Baochi, President of cell therapy industry and clinical research branch of National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, shared his successful research cases of cell therapy at the meeting, and called for attention to the research direction of cell preservation in the treatment of diseases and anti-aging. He also highly affirmed Boyalife’s Point-of-Care system PXP ®.

Professor Liu Baochi introduced that “PXP” ® It is a simple, fast and effective cellular processing technology. This  a new generation cell processing system which invented by ThermoGenesis,a Boyalife company. It solves many defects of the existing technology in the market, and is used for the rapid treatment of automatic auto marrow cells in the point of care in surgical center or clinic. At the same time, the high recovery rate of stem cells and progenitor cells is realized, and the red blood cell removal rate is over 98%, which provides a new solution for improving the effect of cell therapy in clinical.

Since its launch, PXP ® has been listed in the United States, Canada, Thailand and other regions to meet the global market demand. In order to give full play to the potential of cell therapy, the industry urgently needs new solutions to improve the purity of target cells and the removal rate of contaminated red blood cells.And PXP ® System offers a brand new choice.

In this post-epidemic era, more attention has been paid to the R & D and clinical application of new biological agents. At the same time, more innovative biotechnology will usher in new opportunities for development. The clinical transformation of cell therapy is a hot direction in the development of biological innovative new drugs and a new direction of future medical treatment. Boyalife  has integrated the advantages of the whole industry chain of cell therapy, boosting the development of the industry from the aspects of cell storage, cell preparation and clinical research, creating a new solution for the development of clinical application of cell therapy, and is committed to helping more cell therapies to succeed.